Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Issue of Modern by the Yard!

You don't need to wait until after Quilt Market to see more fabric inspiration! We're excited to share the newest issue of Modern by the Yard with you! Our quarterly e-zine highlights modern projects and fabrics.

Click on the blue rectangle to see the entire magazine.

Remember, you can click on the marked links throughout the issue (underlined in orange), and you can even download the pdf and save it to your computer. (To download, look for the downward pointing arrow in the lower right corner of your browser page.)

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find inside: 

Sunrise Diamonds by Alison Vermilya featuring Sunburst

Goodfellow by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr featuring Printology

All Boxed Up by Lisa Swenson Ruble featuring Blue Brilliance

Pixelation by Stephanie Sheridan featuring New Hue

Plus much more! 

We hope you enjoy Issue #8 of Modern by the Yard! 
Missed one of our issues? Click here to find them all. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Quilt Market Preview

We're on our way to Portland for Spring Quilt Market, where we'll introduce our upcoming lines to quilt shops! Here's a look at our schedule; if you're heading to Quilt Market, we hope you'll stop by our booth to see our fabrics and say hello, as well as attend our Designer Showcase sessions and Schoolhouses. Next week, we'll share photos of the booths and sneak peeks of our new fabric lines.  

You can also watch from home! 
We'll be streaming our Designer Showcase sessions on Facebook Live. 
Click here to find us on Facebook.


One more thing...We have a special Market edition of Win-It Wednesday! 
You can win fabric bundles! 

Spring Quilt Market is this weekend in Portland Oregon. One of the fun events at Market is Sample Spree ... since you can't be there, we are having our very own Sample Spree Giveaway featuring FQ bundles of four very popular lines from last market. Five lucky winners will each receive one of the prizes shown! Please note that this contest is for Facebook only--we're just promoting it here on the blog. 
Click here to visit our FB page.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wave Texture Decadence

A new blender option is always a reason to celebrate! Jackie Robinson's Wave Texture print made an appearance as Wave Texture Wide Quilt Backs in 14 colors. It was so popular, now it's back as a standalone line of traditional width tonal blenders. 

This gorgeous blender comes in 45 different colors!

Take a closer look at the fabric:

Here are a few of our favorite colors: 
Leaf and Sky

Plum and Honey

Orchid and Red

You can pair Wave Texture with your favorite focal fabrics, or make a quilt using only the tonal prints. Here are four quilt patterns available for purchase that were designed for Wave Texture: 

Cactus Flower by Jackie Robinson
Click here to purchase the pattern.

Sparklers by Jackie Robinson
Click here to purchase the pattern.

Bursting Star by Jackie Robinson
Click here to purchase the pattern.

Twister by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Click here to purchase the pattern.

Click here to see all 45 Wave Texture colors. 
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Monday, May 14, 2018

Just Catting Around

Start with a two-block design and then add a captivating pieced border on opposite corners...what do you get? Pam Goggans' "Just Catting Around" quilt featured in the May/June 2018 issue of Love of Quilting magazine. Pam used Ann Lauer's Cat-I-Tude fabrics in her quilt, but chose the non-cat coordinates for a rich, jewel-toned quilt. If you prefer, you could substitute the cat prints for the paisley and make a feline-friendly version! We asked Pam to talk to us about her quilt design; find her interview below.
"Just Catting Around" by Pam Goggans;
featured in Love of Quilting May/June 2018

What do you find appealing about the Cat-i-tude fabrics?
I love the bright intense colors in the line. I was drawn to the multi prints but also the jeweled paisley and beads on black background. I also loved the tone on tone prints in so many colors.

Do you have a favorite print in the collection that you used?
My fav was the jeweled paisley and I LOVE bright jewel tones on black backgrounds.

Can you talk about your quilt design?
I love to design using simple basic blocks with basic units in contemporary colors. I love using Flying Geese and creating a chevron with two geese is often a unit you will see in my designs. I used Deb Tucker's (Studio 180 Design) Wing Clipper tool in making all of the flying geese in the quilt.  I like the precision I am able to achieve with this tool.
Using two blocks that include the same basic units with just a bit of a twist is often a feature of my designs. (These two blocks have almost the same units but the geese/chevrons point in on the turquoise blocks and out on the fuchsia blocks.) 

How did you decide on color placement in the blocks?
I tend to design mostly scrappy quilts but stuck with a repeating color "recipe" in the two alternating blocks for this project and then used the scrappy pieced border to play with all the fun colors in the Cat-i-tude line.  Many times my designs will include a "secondary" pattern. In this case it was created by the chains from the fuchsia squares and sashing setting squares. I like how it ties the whole quilt together.  

How did you decide on the border treatment?
I often include a border of the background fabric around the body of the quilt so the blocks "float" in the quilt. I also like the look of multiple borders and often include pieced units borrowed from the blocks in at least one of the borders. Sometimes a whole border of the pieced units is just too much, so a few units on two opposing corners is a look I like better. 
Did you notice my mistake?!? I had pieced the quilt, custom machine quilted it, bound it and sent it to the magazine, but it wasn't until I got it back and hung it up that I noticed that one of the sections of chevrons is pointed toward the bottom corner and all of the other ones are pointed away. Oh well. I guess that is my humility block.

How did you machine quilt this, and how did your choices enhance the quilt?
I enjoy the whole process of designing, piecing as well as quilting. The chain in the fuchsia blocks and the absence of the chain in the turquoise block leaves a great open space for quilting, so of course I had to put feathers in all of the open spaces.

What do you like best about the quilt?
I like the diagonal line created by the chain running through the quilt, and often include some diagonal aspect in my designs.  

Click here to see the entire Cat-I-Tude collection by Ann Lauer.
Click here to visit Pam Goggans' website. 
Click here to find the May/June 2018 issue of Love of Quilting.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Printology: Virtual Trunk Show

You've had the opportunity to soak in the fabulous prints from Modern Quilt Studio's Printology collection this week, and now we have some quilty goodness to share! Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle centered issue #13 of their magazine, Modern Quilts Illustrated, around Printology, and we're showing you those quilts today. 
Click here to order this issue.

You'll find four quilts in the issue, and a fifth quilt is available as a free quilt pattern on our website. Enjoy Bill and Weeks' virtual trunk show of their Printology quilts! 

Queen of Diamonds
36” x 48”

Weeks: We wanted a quilt with a bit of depth. We liked the idea of having the diamond pattern, but also having those horizontal bands behind it. The gray checkerboard fabric is critical to making those bands appear.

Bill: The range of value in the line comes to play here. You can’t achieve those transparency effects without it.

Dress Up
55” x 80”
Click here for the Dress Up kit.

Weeks: I wanted a quilt that really showed off all the prints, and I also wanted to find a fun role for the little red checkerboard. It’s the tiny ½” square at the end of alternating rows and the center of the opposite rows.

Bill: Weeks freehanded the quilting on Dress Up. It has such wonderful texture that plays so well with the drawings in the fabrics themselves.
Click here to order Modern Quilts Illustrated #13, featuring four of Bill and Weeks' Printology quilt patterns. 

49” x 85”
Click here for the Billiards kit.

Weeks: We both adore this quilt. It’s my favorite since On the Dot. It shows the little checkerboard prints can be used in big chunks even though they’re a small scale pattern.

Bill: Without a doubt, this is my favorite in the magazine. I pulled out a design I made a decade ago; Weeks made two changes to it and came together. We finished it with a French pillowcase binding technique (so you don’t see the binding on the front).

53” x 87”
Click here for the Framed kit.

Bill: I love sewing strips together. We combined Printology with Benartex’s Shadow Blush collection (which reads as solids). It’s a matter of just sewing yardage and using it in large chunks. The angles in it are really dynamic—you have giant mitered corners from two different strip sets, so there’s no matching of seams—it’s really forgiving. What I love about a quilt like this is that no two will ever be the same.

Weeks: You get a scrappy look within the fabric line. Plus the sewing of all those seams will help you learn how to control fabric under the foot, which is everything in quilting to me.

Bill and Weeks also designed a free quilt pattern for Printology. 
Click here to download the free pattern.
Follow the Leader
54” x 78”
Click here for the Follow the Leader kit.

Weeks: This is such a versatile quilt to show off medium to large scale prints. The little black and white checkerboard quilt looks awesome between the blocks—exactly the way we envisioned it, as a fun accent that contrasts wonderfully with the rest of the line.

Make sure to see all three projects featuring Printology this week!
Tuesday: Heather  @ Quilt-achusetts@quiltachusetts
Wednesday: Alison @ Little Bunny Quilts
Thursday: Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal@twiggyandopal

More Printology: 

Click here to see the entire Printology collection. 
Click here to visit Modern Quilt Studio's website. 
Click here to read the interview with Bill and Weeks about Printology.

Stop by next week to see one more quilt designed by Bill and Weeks featured in our new issue of Modern by the Yard!
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